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Vittorio Iue'

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Vitto is from Italy. He has 33 years of professional experience.  He has collaborated, worked and played with James Taylor, Dan Aykoyd, Spandau Ballet, Mika, Mike Mainieri, Peter Herskine, Jimmy Earl, Victor Bailey, Frank Gambale, Herbie Goins, Harold Bradley, D.D. Jakson. Lucio Dalla, Francesco De Gregori,  Fiorella Mannoia, and many others.

"I am honored to have directed the greatest Italian voice actors for lots Italian commenrcial spots, like:  Pino Locchi, Cesare Barbetti, Roberto Chevalier, Roberto Pedicini, Alessandro Rossi, Marco Mete, Teo Bellia, Carlo Valli, Roberta Greganti, Cinzia De Carolis . I've played in the most exclusive theatres and Clubs: La fenice Opera house in Venice, Jackie O ', Open Gate, Gilda, Piper in Rome, Covo of north-east in Portofino, Sopravento in Porto Cervo, Magazzini Generali in Milan, La vee lee, and the Baked Potato in Los Angeles".


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